Interview w Peter Walker re: Dragonfly Dawn

The dragonflies are out – let the dry season festivities begin! Peter Walker, aka: VJ Asterix, is one of the organisers of Dragonfly Dawn, the Territory’s newest electronic music festival.

Though only in its second year, the organisers are no strangers to setting up outdoor electronic music shows – they’re also the crew behind Doof Bee Quu, regularly putting on free electronic music parties around Darwin since 2007. “We all wanted to do something a bit bigger,” Walker explains of Dragonfly’s inspiration.

Last year’s inaugural Dragonfly Dawn nearly sold out, and Walker is confident the event will find firm footing amongst the Top End’s other festivals – perhaps even a spot on the wider festival scene. “We all want to try and get [Dragonfly Dawn] on the festival trail because there are a lot of people that go around just following festivals around Australia.”

By working with Alice Springs event, Wide Open Space, Dragonfly Dawn is hoping the alliance will strengthen both music festivals. “They get a lot of people up from Melbourne, and while we get a few as well, it’s not as many as those guys.”

The line-up boasts headline act Melbournian glitch-wobble merchant Griff, alongside local Darwin delegate Sideshow Aly.

Walker is keen to emphasise that Dragonfly Dawn is not just a rave in the bush. It’s main focus, he says, is daytime festival culture. “We get people from all walks of life,” Walker says of Dragonfly Dawn’s welcoming attitude. “They all have a blast.”

Off The Leash, May 2012 issue, p18

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