Alice Body is a writer and occasional illustrator based in Darwin.

Upon graduating from The University of Sydney with a Philosophy Major in 2009, Alice decided to shake things up by squeezing everything she owned into her Corolla hatchback Tonto, and moving the hell out of Sydney to Australia’s capital of small bars, book shops, artist-run initiatives and live music – Melbourne. There, she cut her hungry little writer teeth on contributing regularly to local street mag Inpress, volunteering as a media officer at think tank Beyond Zero Emissions,  and writing for the likes of ThreeThousand, Beat, PBS FM’s Easey Magazine, Death Of A Scenester, T-SQUAT, extempore,, On Line Opinion and The Punch.

Alice then dusted off the ol’ 8-ball that directs her vocational compass and gave it another shake. It pointed to the place of her growing up, Australia’s Top End. She quit her day job, donated 3/4 of her possessions to friends and charity, and headed north, with not much slowing her down but the bubble-wrapped banjo she is still determined to play one day.

Alice continues to write, following her passions for traveling, having interesting conversations and exploring the worlds constructed by other people’s creative endeavours. She runs an internal newsletter at her day job as an animal registrar at a Top End zoo, covering such things as methods of monitoring juvenile sawfish and wedgetail eagle eye operations. She continues to write arts articles, for Darwin street press Off The Leash as well as occasional correspondent work for national arts news and reviews sites, artsHub, inthemix and the AU Review.

In late 2012/early 2013 Alice was contracted by the Territory’s peak representative body for musicians, MusicNT, to coordinate an exciting project on MusicNT’s new and improved website. Named ‘The Green Room’, the resource sources advice from a range of different perspectives in the music industry to assist in the professional development of local musicians. Established musicians such as Jae Laffer of The Panics and experienced industry professionals such as Heath Johns of Universal Music Publishing provided pearls of wisdom. You can check it out here.

In 2013 Alice took up the opportunity do some communications work for Charles Darwin University’s Research Institute for the Environment and Livelihoods (RIEL). Her work largely consists of tagging along on fieldtrips, interviewing RIEL’s researchers about their projects and updating organisation’s blog.

In late 2013-2014 Alice produced a few major events for the Territory Wildlife Park in Berry Springs. These were a couple of large, successful Christmas Markets and the well-received ‘Animale Carnivale’, a family-friendly costume party featuring art and performances from over 20 local artists. She also coordinated a pop-up zoo at the Darwin Waterfront, bringing together a dozen local organisations (including AusTurtle, Crocodylus Park, RIEL and NERP) for National Threatened Species Day.

In 2015 Alice decided to move out of her base in Berry Springs and into Darwin. She is currently working for Mbantua Gallery, MusicNT and Tactile Arts.

Stay tuned, or follow.

All articles 2009-2015 © Alice Body

2 Responses to Anamnesis

  1. Andy Coady says:

    Alice Body also makes the meanest coffee on Greville…

  2. Meredith says:

    She is also remarkably pretty

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